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Software Metrics Consultation & Training

Software metrics play a huge role in assessing and improving software reliability in complex software systems. Effective control processes require measurements that targets specific Life Cycle (LC) in a systematic and cohesive manner.   Experts at Software Reliability Research have identified some of the most important de-facto software metrics that are best suited for different applications. These most effective best-in-the-class metrics are used around the world. They can initially be used for baselining a process and then optimizing it.  They support ISO 9000-3, Capability Maturity Models (CMM), TL9000, Bellcore/Telcordia IPQM, RQMS, RTCA  DO- 178B, DoD-STD-2167A,  DoD-STD-2168, IEEE -982.2, IEEE- 1061 & other industry standards.


  • Advanced data collection tools
  • Advanced metric  methodologies for distributed software
  • Comparative study based on best-in-the-class metric data
  • In-house training for software metric practitioners
  • In-house training  for outsourcing and management of suppliers.

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Key Benefits

  • Instrumenting software processes helps complete projects on schedule, correctly predict staffing levels, and help predict the quality of software product before it is released
  • Use of software metrics is mandated by most software engineering standards for improving software quality and reliability
  • Use of effective software metrics program stabilizes the software development process and ensures consistency in software quality
  • A set of well tailored metrics for specific development strategy and methodology enhances software development process efficiency and helps in defect detection and removal of defects earlier in the development life cycle
  • Well implemented metrics lends itself to benchmarking and controlling release to release improvement of software quality and reliability.


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