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Software Patching Methodologies Research & Consultation for Distributed and Real-Time Systems

Most large real-time mission critical systems are required to provide non-stop processing  at all times,  even when software changes are applied to upgrade the system. Typically, for telecommunication systems a 3 minutes/year/system downtime is mandated by the telecommunications industry standards. Most mission critical systems are not allowed to be shutdown during an upgrade process.  Software changes or upgrades for such systems are usually applied through software patching, module exchange, or service pack application process.  The Software upgrade process is often associated with firmware updates as well.  These processes directly impact the reliability and maintainability of real-time mission critical systems or sub-systems.


  • In-depth analysis of the software patching creation methodology and quality control process
  • Analysis of software patch distribution and application processes for real-time systems
  • Effective methodology and configuration control of software patches  for multiple targeted processors in a distributed environment
  • Use of sophisticated tools to identify software modules that are most risky to patch.


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Key Benefits

  • Adapting state-of-the-art and industry's  best practices for mission critical  software have shown to dramatically improve the availability and reliability of such systems
  • Majority of outages in large mission critical systems are caused by using software patches that were defective or misapplied.  A thorough analysis of software change process coupled with corrective actions helps ensure lower system outages and high system reliability
  • Enhanced quality control of software patches and effective regression testing of patches based on industry's best practices has shown to lower the rate of software patches and improved system downtimes.


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